Seizing Special Moments

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"I can still feel my heart beating, I know that I’m still alive."
Childhood Survivor of Sex Abuse

To all my followers

I am going through an extremely hard time at the moment, and some of you may have gotten the feel with some of my personal quotes I’ve posted.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

God bless you all.



if you cannot grant
a fighter a time
of weakness
a time to recover
then for fuck’s sake
what are you
even God grants
the weary respite


Les Salines by DenisDrouault


Les Salines by DenisDrouault

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I call this home


These feet need brown earth, memories beneath my sole
Wind, not yet my friend, bring tides of yearning in this heart of home
The open sky light the eyes of those that twinkle dreams
A river flows just beyond my toes, fly fishing for sport not meal

Myself in slumber shaking off the flakes of restlessness on Tumblr

"Some say time heals all wounds, but I still have some of the battle scars to prove this is not always the case."
Seizing Special Moments

"I return to myself under grey skies. The room is a little too warm, though light spring air seeps through the window above my head. This weird and uncomfortable limbo of warm and cool and resolve and acceptance and aftertaste of dreams whose details I can’t now remember. So I’m looking up to the sky. It seems it’ll rain. I know it will not be enough, only if it rains in the currencies of your arms, and your lips, and your almond eyes, and all of you here, and in your heart sprout the seeds again of what we were; only if it’ll rain in the demure way you enter but conquer rooms, and, and the slightly awkward way you walk with fisted palms by your side as if hiding pilfered coins; or if it rains those magical moments of you and me still lodging in my skin and lost in sheets that have now been divvied up and doled out, lost and trying with only failed attempts to be retrieved, to be forgotten, to be drowned, to be washed impossibly clean in the diversions of night. This new normalcy. So for now, I’d accept endless rainy days and the journeys of quicksilver dreams if only they’d take me far far away from myself."

"Psychologists say: The person who tries to keep everyone happy often ends up feeling the loneliest."